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26th Royal Fusiliers


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Just wanted to know if anyone could recommend a book ( or knows of a book ) about the bankers of london 26th Royal Fusiliers Regiment.



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There is a History of The Royal Fusiliers (O'Nell), which i don't have, so can't comment on; I don't think there's a Battalion History, and the 41st Division also didn't produce a history.

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There is a History of The Royal Fusiliers (O'Nell)...

It is not too bad. The History has to cover the activities of quite a large number of units. The breadth of coverage was quite well done - it did not interrupt the flow of the book IMHO. The depth for any individual battalion varies, not surprisingly, but is pretty good on the whole. The book gave me a good insight into this regiment but left me wanting more details. The paperback is quite cheap now and would be worth buying if you have a general interest in the whole regiment. There are several entries for the 26th Battalion throughout the book. These cover the battalion's involvement at Flers, St Eloi, Battle Wood, Ypres, Italy, Achiet-le-Grand, Kemmel Hill, Ypres (again), Courtrai-Bossuyt Road, and the role in the Army of Occupation. There are details of some raids too.


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