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Ox & Bucks L I HQ in St Cross Road, Oxford


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I’ve been in Oxford, following up various references to locations in the Drill Hall Project database while I was there and attempting to take photos. I’m fairly familiar with Oxford.

Referring specifically to the small area to the north of where Manor Road meets St Cross Road, the 1900 OS map of Oxford shows a building, a Racquet Court (disused), a Skating Rink (disused) and Intrenchment [sic]. Just to the north of that is New College Cricket Ground and a small pavilion. To its west is Balliol Cricket Ground.

By the issue of the 1921 OS map, which was revised in 1919, this area now has the same building marked as Headquarters, (Oxford and Bucks L I), miniature rifle ranges and allotment gardens. The small pavilion is still there in New’s Cricket Ground.

Kelly’s Directory, 1911, records the “4th Battalion Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire Light Infantry, headquarters, Drill hall, St. Cross road”.

The houses marked on the OS map on Manor Road are still there and the land across the river is now occupied by St Catherine’s College. I could post a little scan of the map section, as it’s out of copyright (I sought permission...).

Having walked round the area, I’m certain that the area where the drill hall / HQ was is now covered by the Law Library and the English Faculty. I talked to a security person in St Cat’s and he said that nothing remains.

I wondered whether anyone is able to fill in any information about the development of the site between 1900 and 1911 and then after the Great War till its demolition. Any specific information about this drill hall / HQ would enhance our information. Even better, a picture which we could use on the database would be wonderful.

Many thanks to anyone who can help.


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Have you tried the Ox & Bucks Museum Tel 01865 780128 and Oxford's Central Library who have an excellent local history section.

If you cannot get to the Library as I work for the university in central Oxford I could try and help....


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