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post-9115-1154381819.jpgFor the last three years I have been looking for the true details of the death of Corporal William Patrick McGuinness of the 3rd Battalion of the Royal Fusiliers.The CWGC will not recognise him and he is not on any official memorial. He is on his school memorial which I have now finished researching. I have a photo of him in Royal Fusilier uniform and his father had him added to the Roll of Honour in Preston, Lancashire but even he dithered over the death date and the location when the information the in the school magazine is compared. I think the family was told a pack of lies and that their son may have been lost on a dodgy secret mission. The upshot is that I am stumped. The depressing thing is also that I cannot find him in the list of Royal Fusiliers dead on their website. Being a Lancashire Library my local ref lib does not have lists of London regiments. He was a teacher in London, having trained at St Mary's Hammersmith. Recent findings place him in Macedonia and he was still alive in November 1917
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