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I am trying to discover how and when my grandfather got into the 12th Bn Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders. Thanks to leads from pals on this forum, I am now sure that he joined around Oct - Nov 1916. On checking service numbers on the Scottish National War Memorial I have found a couple of Wiltshiremen with service numbers close to my grandfathers, making me think a number of Wiltshire Yeomen were transferred into the Argylls, which fits with what I have been told by family. Would anyone know of a draft joining the Battalion around this tme. A man with a serial number about 10 higher than my grandfather was killed on 25th Dec 1916, so they must have been there by then.



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A lot of the Yeomanry were dismounted at the end of 1916 to provide more infantry. For example the Fife & Forfar Yeomanry became the 14th (Fife & Forfar Yeomanry) Bn Black Watch. The Scottish Horse became the 13th (Scottish Horse) Bn Black Watch. Others from these battalions were scattered about the other battalions of the Black Watch.

It is possible that on completion of your grandfather's training that he was no longer required for mounted duties and moved to a battalion that had a greater need for manpower than the local infantry regiment (The Wiltshires).

Have you thought about asking the Argyll's Museum at Stirling Castle for excerpts from the Battalion War Diary? It may mention date and 'received draft of men from...'

hope this helps


Tom McC

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