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Royal Irish Constabulary/Black and Tans - Missing Man


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I have read all the postings on the Black and Tans and Royal Irish Constabulary and they have given me a great grounding in the subject but I would like some idea of whether the following is feasible.

Fuller Biggs was in the RGA, he became a coalminer in approx 1910 and rejoined and served in WW1. He survived WW1 and sent postcards home to his family. The family were very close and he had lost 2 brothers in the war so would not just leave his surviving family with no knowledge of what happened to him.

After WW1, in the early 20’s he disappeared – the story that was passed down through the family was that he went to Ireland and disappeared but not much else was known. He was a class Z reservist on his release, so is there a chance he then joined the Royal Irish Constabulary? I have looked at the list on Ancestry and there does not seem to be a Fuller listed – could he have joined under an assumed name and then been killed?

I have searched 50 years of Death records and can not find any record of his death. His brother did try to find him in the 1930’s to no avail.

I live in the same village that Fuller grew up and for both family and historical purposes it would be great to know what happened to him.

Any advice greatly appreciated


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Just to say that I'm not sure the Ancestry database is a complete list (in the description it says something about continuing to update it) so even if he joined under his real name he may not be online.

If, as you say, he was close to his family it seems unlikely that he'd "want" to disappear (therefore using an assumed name). I know that there's an index to the English auxiliaries in the records in the National Archives at Kew - worth checking for his real name there?

I guess if he objected to the name "Fuller" he cuold have chosen a different one. There's two Harry Biggs's on the RIC roll of honour: http://www.policememorial.org.uk/Forces/IRELAND/RIC_Roll.htm

Sorry I couldn't be more helpful but I am suspicious of the Ancestry database as my own great-grandfather's name isn't on there either. so that may still be possible for your ancestor too. To be honest with the amount of unrest it seems an unlikely time to decide to emigrate to Ireland unless he was some part of the constabulary....?


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