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ODGW Lookup Please?

Tom A McCluskey

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Hi all,

Could someone pease do an Officers Died in the Great War lookup of the following 9 officers of the 4th (1/4th Dundee) Battalion of the Black Watch?


Crosbie, Walter Robert

KIA 12/04/1918

Loos Memorial, Dud Corner,

Attached to 7th Bn BW


Levie, Peter MacLeod MC

KIA 24/10/1918

Thiant Communal Cemetery

2nd Lieut

McVicar, Thomas Graham

KIA 28/03/1918

Pozieres Memorial,

4th Bn BW attached to 5th Bn BW

2nd Lieut

Robb, William John Mechan

KIA 20/07/1918

Soissons Memorial

Attached to 6th Bn BW

2nd Lieut

Smith, Walter Tyrrell

KIA 14/10/1916

Connaught Cemetery

2nd Lieut

Swinton, James Gibson

KIA 25/03/1918

Pozieres Memorial


Walker, Norman Crawford

KIA 25/09/1915

Loos Memorial, Dud Corner


Watson, Stanley Lee

KIA 25/09/1915

Loos Memorial, Dud Corner

2nd Lieut

Wilkes, Sidney Archer

KIA 24/08/1918

Roclincourt Military Cemetery

Whoever takes on this lengthy task, many-many thanks, in advance

Yours Aye

Tom McC

ps - please not pease

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PM me an e-mail address and I'll send you a Word doc with screen dumps. Mind you, I don't think you'll learn much more than you already know.


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