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Hi everyone, I am new so I please be patient with me. I am doing research for my family genealogy. My mother told me that my G grandfather Michael Purdy served during WW1. She also informed me that my grandmother (her mother) threw away my G grandfather's medals in a 'cleaning' episode! Micheal Purdy's nephew has also confirmed that Michael Purdy served during WWI. During my research I came across the medal card for a Private Michael Purdy (Reg # 3013) Royal Irish Fusilers. He received the "Pip, Squeak & Wilfred". Theatre of War was "III France" Qualifying date 16-2-15. Action taken Class Z which from the help of this site was able to figure out. There are other numbers wrote on the card such as: 68/P/872, 68/P/315, 68/P/1415 which I have no idea what these mean. My problem is this ..... I live in Australia and have absolutely no idea how to obtain this Michael Purdy's service records to cross reference against the information I have on my G grandfather. Can anyone help me please? My G grandfather came from Clones, County Monaghan. It states that he was a soldier on his marriage certificate, dated 28 January 1918, he was 22 at the time of his marriage. Also on the medal card: Victory B/103B page 78, British do do, Star 73/?? page 252. Hope I have not confussed everyone ;) With Kindest Regards Tina

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Hi Tina,

The numbers refer to the rolls (books) in which entries are made relating to the medals Michael was awarded. Sadly, most (about 60%) of soldiers' records were destroyed in the London Blitz, so the chance of locating his record is slim. However, if you scroll down the topics on this site to "Going to National Archives" and you ask really, really nicely, someone might check the records for you.

Kind regards,


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Hello Tina

Here is an associated website which may be able to assist you in your personal research.

Regards - Borden Battery


The Royal Dublin Fusiliers Association

The site commemorates all Irish men and women who volunteered, served and died in the Great War 1914-1918 by organizing public exhibitions, lectures, seminars, visits and the publication of a journal. It includes information and objects relating to the soldiers of Royal Dublin Fusiliers and the other disbanded Irish Regiments. [Mar 2006]


Here are some documents which may be of service ...

M. Cunliffe, The Royal Irish Fusiliers, 1873-1950, Oxford University Press, Oxford, 1971.

Bowman, Tim ‘The Discipline and Morale of the British Expeditionary Force in France and Flanders, 1914-18, with Particular Reference to the Irish Regiments’, PhD, Luton University, 1999

Hughes, S. Gavin M. ‘Northern Irish Regiments in the Great War: Culture, Mythology, Politics and National Identity’, PhD, University of Wales, 1999

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Welcome to the forum

My Ggdads medals got thrown out too :(


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Hello Tina

There is a wealth of information from previous postings on this discussion forum. If look at the uppermost blue bar you will see the word "Search". Click on it and follow the instructions. If you type in the phrase "Royal Irish Fusilers" you will be presented with eleven (11) pages of previous postings which may provide you with both information and current members with similar interests.


Borden Battery

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