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Kings Royal Rifle Corps Chronicles


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Hunting for a copy of KRRC Chronicles - particulary for 12th Battalion

are they available on the second hand market and , if so, does any one know of an outlet


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Try Abesbooks or similar.

There will be no 12 Bn, as such. You buy the Chronicle for the year in question, and each battalion has its own section.

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There are plenty, if you go via abebooks.com, or bookfinder.com. Prices vary depending on the avariciousness of the sellers. However, WW1 ones go for a premium (natch, as the Americans say). I got a 1914 edition quite reasonably on EBay recently, but as a 'reading' copy (i.e. hardly mint condition).

As Beppo rightly says, they are regimental yearbooks (would that others had done the same) so you won't find specific chronicles of 12 Bn, but they will be 'written up'.

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