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Xxiii Corps

Jim Gordon

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Can anyoune give me information re XXIII Corps? I know it was formed as as part of the Home Force in Feb. 1918 with Corps HQ at Brentwood. I also know that the 52nd. (Graduated) Battalion. Gordon Highlanders was attached to 202nd. Brigade, 67th. Division. I have in my possesion a "presentation" Medal won for "Skill at Arms" by a veteran Gordon Highlander (wounded at Cambrai) attending the Infantry Wing of XXIII Corps School. Where was this school ? Was it at Brentwood ? Do any records of this organisation remain ? Was the GH attending an Instructors Course ?


Jim Gordon

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XXIII Corps on its formation consisted of 64, 67, 68 Divs, three Cyclist brigades, five mixed brigades (all arms formations each built around four TF bns), some RGA batteries, an armoured train, and five additional Cyclists bns. The three divisions were made up almost entirely of Graduated bns.

I don't know where the Corps School was located, but I would think that your Gordon was almost certainly on an instructors course.


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