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Hi, i havent visited for a while, but i wounder if anyone can help?? i have gained some information on my grandfather who was in the Army Service Corps from 1914 and with some very kind assistance from people on this site have be able to read his Medal card which stated that he recieved the 1914 Mons Star with a clasp and Rose, plus the War Medal and the Victory Medal, also know that he was married in a military hospital in 1917 (Prees Heath Camp) so i pressume he was pensioned out due to illness, also with the fact that i remeber my late father telling me that he had been gassed, so would i be right in pressuming that he would have also got a Silver War badge aswell?? however i can not see on the medal card to confirm this?? so how would i go about in finding out this?? ive attached an old photo wich shows some medals or ribbon i believe?? would be very grateful for any help , Thanks Davepost-3747-1152901837.jpg

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Unless he claimed he SWB he wouldn't have received it,as it had to be applied for.

If it is not on the MiC {SWB/List/*****,or similar} or there is no seperate Index card with it on,then unfortunately I suspect he was either not considered entitled or he didn't apply.

The MiC should state if in fact he was discharged & possibly when{if not the Medal Roll Page the MiC refers to,will}it may have been he was hospitalized & recovered enough to return to unit or be posted to lesser duties,rather than being discharged.

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