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C. Woodward MIC


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post-13154-1152723724.jpgAny information gleaned from my grandfather's cards would be most welcome. He came from Louth in Lincolnshire. I know he served all throught the Great War, and was gassed at Ypres not sure when. Thanks Simon
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Here is his other card


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Appears to have been in the teritorial force and entered france march 1915 Royal feild artillery then royal garrison artillery.

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The medals were issued by the RGA per the Medal roll references pinning that down as his last unit, so putting things into order from both MICs (the 2nd is a Silver War Badge card)

Joined Royal Field Artillery 17-2-1910, issued number 554 (which feels about right)

His later number (801538) tells us he was either in:

1st 1st North Midland Brigade, RFA, later 230 Brigade RFA

2nd 1st North Midland Brigade, RFA, later 295 Brigade RFA

230th (CCXXX) Brigade was a Territorial Force 1st Line Artillery unit serving with 46th Division from pre-war to November 1918. Batteries from Boston, Grimsby and Louth. Redesignated to 230th Brigade from I North Midland Brigade on 13 May 1916.

295th (CCXCV) Brigade was also a Territorial Force unit but a "2nd Line" unit (i.e. raised to filll the gap left by the 1st Line unit going overseas) which served in 59th Division from formation in February 1915 to November 1918. Originally designated 2/1st North Midland Brigade. Originally A,B and C Batts. Late May 1916 joined by 2/1st Hants RHA, which took designation D. Latter left 19 July 1916, replaced by A (H) Batt from CCXCVIII.

Bearing in mind his pre-war service, location and his early move overseas 230th Brigade is overwhelming favourite. The 46th Division went overseas in February 1915. Just before the date of your grandfather going overseas.


Each of the batteries A, B & C would have originally been linked to the locations they were raised. "C" Battery was from Louth. It was previously named the 3rd Lincolnshire Battery.

Also, D Battery was a Howitzer battery. It is possible that your grandfather served in this battery some time after its formation in April 1916, as these guns were of a similar ilk to those of the RGA.

As mentioned above, he was renumbered (along with thousands of TF) men in early 1917 and given his 6-digit number 801538.

At some point thereafter he transferred to the Royal Garrison Artillery and was given number 313653, a number allocated to either:

2/1 North Midland Heavy Battery, RGA


the Staffordshire Heavy Battery, RGA

On 12th March 1919 he was discharged from the Army under Kings Regulations (KR) Paragraph 392 XV (a)

From the Long, Long Trail:


(xv) Free, after ___ years service under Article 1130 (ii), Pay Warrant

(xva) Free under Article 1130 (i), Pay Warrant

The SWB Medal Rolls at the National Archives at Kew may give the RGA unit discharged from (or may just say Depot).

While not lalways letting us find exact units, (notably here with the RGA) the MIC and the TF numbers give us something to go on. Though we can't say he was only in the above units, I hope it gives you a place to start. Though it can't be proved from this alone I would be reasonably happy stating that he would have served with 230th Brigade RFA (in it's various incarnations) from 1910 through to at least 1917.


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stebie,theres a third card,simon will probably post it later,he didnt know about the 3rd one,bernard

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The third card is a gallantry or good service award.

Medal card of Woodward, C

Corps Regiment No Rank

Royal Garrison Artillery 313653 Serjeant

WO 372/24

Mentions in Despatches, Meritorious Service Medals and Territorial Force Efficiency Medals

Hopefully that will give us the RGA unit to complete the picture.


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