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Trawler or minesweeper?


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I have been tracing my family history & two of my great grandfathers brothers served on trawlers / minesweepers in the first world war.

I have tracked down a picture of the 'Cyelse' which was one of them, but I cannot find anything on the Zaria, the 'City of Perth', the 'Thalia' or the 'Hermione'.

Has anybody any ideas?

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Welcome to the forum.

Cyelse; Hired Trawler of 237 tons Armed with 1 x 6pdr.

Zaria; Auxiliary Patrol depot ship at Longhope.

City of Perth; Drifter armed with 1x3pdr Base Ship 1917-1919.

Thalia; Base Ship 1915-1920. Cromarty and Peterhead

Hermione; 2nd Class Cruiser. RNVR Depot Ship at Southampton

Regards Charles

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Click here for HMS Hermione


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Hello, and welcome to the Forum.

None of the names you give are listed amongst the losses of Auxiliary Vessels (ie hired or requisitioned trawlers/drifters often used as minesweepers) in British Vessels Lost at Sea.

Amongst the ordinary trawlers listed as sunk is:

Hermione, 210 tons, sunk 23rd July 1915, Captured by German submarine SMU U36, shelled 60 miles NxW from Hoy, Shetland Islands, Atlantic Ocean

There is also a trawler Zarina (how sure are you about Zaria?)

Zarina, 154 tons, sunk 7th April 1915. Torpedoed by German submarine 72 miles ExN from Spurn LV, North Sea

Merchant vessels listed as sunk includes:

14th April 1917, SS Hermione

11th June 1917, SS City of Perth

8th October 1918, SS Thalia

If these are of interest to you I can supply more details.

Best wishes


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Hi Gregon,

Welcome to the forum. Could you post the service sheet, there may be other details that we can help you with.

There are Royal Naval ships (including ones hired for the duration of the war) and merchant ships. It depends which records you are looking at which ships are being referred to. In the RN records (like the service registers) all ships will be His Majesty's Ship of which ever name unless it is specifically noted with another prefix.

Per Mare

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A little insight on ZARIA.

In 1915, one RNVR officer, 1 RN rating, and 4 RNR ratings died. One of the RNR ratings to an accident and another to drowning. The rest to illness.

From Oct 16 to Dec 17, 3 RN and 2 RNR ratings died from illness.

From Oct 18 to Feb 19, 5 RNR ratings died from illness.

All best


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I would like to thank all of those who have been so kind as to reply to my questions, especially 'Charles' who looks to have hit their records dead on, as reading their papers, they both look to have been RNR & transferred into the trawler section.

For the extra information requested, here goes...

Sydney Faskett Stone No. 1143

Zaria 14/04/17 - 31/12/18

Cyelse 1/1/19 - 2/4/19

Hardy Lewis Stone No. 2003

ML 79 Thalia 1/05/16 - 15/06/17

ML 46 City of Perth till 15/01/19

Hermione 16/01/19 - 22/01/19

There were three more brothers, a Henry Thomas Stone, a Percy Binskin Stone & a William Albert Stone, all from the Sittingbourne / Milton Regis / Maidstone area, that were supposedly in the services, that as yet I have not been able to pin down.... but these things take time!

I am still trying to locate a picture of the Thalia, the City of Perth or the Zaria if anybody can help.

Kind Regards,


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The ML 79 and ML 46 are the numbers of Motor Launches attatched to the Thalia and City of Perth. Have a google for RNVR Motor Launches. ML 79 seved in the Dover Command and was at Zeebrugge in 1918.

Is there any letters before or after Sydney or Hardys numbers?

Regards Charles

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Greg, You will find the ORIGINAL RNR Record Cards for these chaps at the Fleet Air Arm Museum. There are filmed copies of the cards in TNA but they are often hard to read - especially small, red ink entries.

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That prefix is the Royal Naval Reserve (Special Trawler Section) Deck Hand. On the documents following the Base/Depot ships are there any names in brackets? They could have had an interesting war with many and varied jobs. It would also suggest that they where seagoing men prior to the war/joining Reserve.

Regards Charles

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