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small question regarding MIC


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Hey folks,

I'm wondering if somone can tell me exactly what 'clasps' mean on a 1914 trio medal index card?


Is this the clasp that was awarded for coming under enemy fire?



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The anotation is confirmation that the 5th August 22nd November 1914 Clasp [or Bar] was awarded,being a Casualty they deemed it unnecessary to issue the Rose emblem,as a Ribbon Bar would not be worn.

As a Casualty this would have; in most cases {if & when administered properly}been granted automatically when instituted,whereas survivors would have had to claim both it {The Clasp} & the Rose emblems{2}

Entitlement to the Clasp was {briefly}:~

To be within range of the enemy's Mobile Artillery during the qualifying periods.

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Thanks for the swift answers folks, that clears that up nicely. Cheers,


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