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Remembered Today:

Poperinge (Flanders/Belgium)

Malte Znaniecki

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Could you give some more information about this ' photo 30 - Poperinge area south ' ?


Gilbert Deraedt

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see the source of the picture and the map below (added today)



The date of that map is actually 24th May 1918 (printed June 1918). It was a scan I did for somebody a while back and, obviously, left it too long in the "temporary Trench maps" section of my website. Although it has since been removed from my site, it was apparently on long enough for someone else to decide to use it uncredited (and I can't find it mentioned in your link either, Malte!).

I know this happens, but it doesn't mean I have to be happy about it and further investigations will ensue. :angry:


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Sorry Dave, I failed with the source of that map.

It was definately from your website.

I have corrected the source now.


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To Malte,

Thanks for the information (No 30 . photo south of poperinge). I am born South of Poperinge, thus personal


Gilbert Deraedt :P

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