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The Sportsmans Battalion

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Does anyone have any information about the Sportsmans Battalion? Which regiment were they affiliated to? What was their cap badge? How were they formed? I have drawn a complete blank and would like some help! Many thanks

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Much of your frustration is due to 'Sportsmens Battalion' being a generic name applied to quite a number of units. In my neck of the woods, the 7th Northants. were known as the Sportsmen's Battalion, because one of their companies (D) was raised by England rugby international Edgar Mobbs from amongst his friends, associates and fans.

I'm sure there were many other candidates for this title. May we ask what prompted your question? Is there someone or something that you are researching?

Give us a clue, and we might be nearer an answer.

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Original enlistments in the 23rd and 24th Royal Fusiliers, most of whom were indeed sportsmen, had the prefix 'SPTS' to their regimental number. This is normally engraved on their medals as well.

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