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Guest graeme gladwinfield

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Guest graeme gladwinfield

Help !?

My Great Uncle Charles Gladwinfield (AKA Charlie Field) is buried at the Railway dugouts burial ground. He was killed in no mans land bringing back wounded. I have just found this out ... he was shot on the 21st May 1915 I think, and died on the 22nd of May 1915 but what I would like to know is in which battle.

My niaive assumption by the localle and the date, that it wouldbe something to do with Hill 60 or am I a bit late on the date.

He was in the Kings Own Liverpool Rgmt. A riffleman in the 1st/6th battalion

Can anyone give me any pointers on this, and where to find more info

I would also like to find a freind of Charles - called Edward W Hodson

I think he was the Chaplain

Any clues appreciated


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1/6th Kings Liverpool were involved with the capture of Hill 60 but as you say this was earlier, 17th-22nd of April.

According to my info they were still in this area in May but not classed as having taken part in any battles at this time - officially.

I'm sure someone on the forum will be able to furnish some further info for you.


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Just noticed this posting. See my previous reply which whould answer your questions - Seems I was was right about EW Hodson!


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