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Reasearching a friends father

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Hi all,

I am writing this on behalf of a friend who is reaserching his father and has no link to the net.

His father was: 62602 Gnr William James Tate, 111 Bty, (No of arty Regt not known), believed to be part of the 36 Ulster Div.

His father was awarded a certificate for gallantry and devotion to duty displayed at Dadizeele on 26 Oct 1918.

My friend would like to know if a medal was awarded for this certificate and if anyone knows what the action was. On some of his military documents it mentions that his medals were "not for forfeit", what does this mean?

Please help!!



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I think there was a thread a little while back concerning "certicates". Can't remember exactly but it seems they were given when a usual decoration couldn't or wouldn't be awarded.


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The 111th Battery, RFA was part of the 24th Brigade RFA that as far as I can tell was never part of the 36th Division. That brigade served with the 6th Division. Is it possible that he served with the 111th Siege Battery, RGA or the 111th Heavy Battery, RGA?

Regards. R Flory

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