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Remembered Today:

Actor - Ronald Coleman

Alan Abbott

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Thanks to Chris, Paul and Jim for your replies to my posting on the old forum.



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There is a feature on Ronald Coleman in the original 'Battleground Europe' large format softback book by Nigel Cave. He is also mentioned in the article on the Halloween 1914 action in 'Salient Points' by Spagnoly and Smith. Charles Laughton was also wounded in the First World War but I haven't managed to find out where or the battalion in which he served.

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I don't know whether this was mentioned on the original thread, but Ronald Coleman's papers are illustrated in "Army Service Records of the First World War", a PRO Publication. The 3rd Edition illustrates his Territorial Attestation Form and his Territorial Discharge Form. The 2nd Edition also showed his Royal Hospital Pension Form, his Casualty Form B103 and his Medical History form, the two mentioned above as well as the reverse of his Territorial Discharge Form!

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