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AM2 Christian C Harris


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Can anyone shed light on the death on 1.11.1914 of AM2 Christian C Harris of 3 Sqn RFC. He is buried at Bethune.

Thanks in advance.

Andy M

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I presume he will be mentioned in Comtemptible Little Flying Corps - if no one else comes back I can look him up when I get home but probably wont be until tomorrow night.

I visit Bethune in a week or so - do you want a photo of his grave?

In 1914 3 Sqn was McCudden's squadron - two of them in fact; Bill and Jimmy.

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AMII Christian Coles Harris (772) of No 3 Sqn RFC died on 1 November 1914, but the cause of his death isn't lshown in Airmen Died. He had joined the RFC on 4 July 1913. Although only 19 when he died, he had served as an Orderly with Unit I of the British Red Cross Society with the Montenegrin Army during the Balkan War, were he was awarded a medal on 8 July 1913. He applied to wear his Montenegrin medal on 21 July 1913; permission was refused on 16 December.

I hope this helps a little.


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