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Remembered Today:

Lt Harold T WATKINS, 13th Bn, AIF


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The GWF remembers today 25th April 2006 – Anzac Day:

Lieutenant Harold Thomas WATKINS

Harold was born 7/10/1894 at St Leonards in NSW to Thomas Martin & Amelia WATKINS. He was single, a Presbyterian by faith, and an Agricultural Experimentalist by occupation.

He enlisted 20/11/1914 at Richmond, NSW and sailed from Australia 22/12/1914 on the A38 ‘Ulysses’, as a 2nd Lieut with C Coy of the 13th Battalion, AIF. He was promoted to Lieutenant on the 1/2/1915.

His Service Records (76 pages available on-line) show some confusion as to when he was actually killed. They initially state that he was killed between 25th & 28th April 1915. Then later decide ‘after certain papers have come to hand’, that he died on the 25th, though letters from his parents (in later years) refer to ‘official reports that he was KIA 27/4/15’.

From the 13th Bn Unit History, by T.A. White:

Page 29:

From dawn on the 27th until long after dark the Turks continued their heavy fire and their massing in the dead ground in our front, and, in addition to a few determined assaults, continually threatened attack. ………………..

All day the 13th also, like the Turks, threatened and charged, …………………

Our casualties were unfortunately again heavy. Lt. Watkins (“Poor Old Watkins,” as he is popularly referred to by his surviving officer friends and men) was killed gallantly leading a glorious charge. His O.C. wrote: “I feel the loss of Watkins very keenly. He was a most reliable officer, loved by all and simply worshipped by his men.” The Turks were driven back in confusion, but their machine-gunners from well-protected positions suddenly opened with terrible effect against the heroic Watkins and his gallant men, now close up to them. ………………………..

From the Leaders of Anzacs website:

Lieutenant Harold Thomas WATKINS, 13th Battalion, AIF. Born North Sydney, NSW. Single; Agricultural Experimentalist, Hawkesbury Agricultural College, NSW, of Richmond, NSW. Next of kin: Father; Thomas Martin Wynne Watkins. Mother; Amelia Watkins, of 38 Waters Road, Neutral Bay Sydney, NSW. Killed in action at Quinn's Post, central Anzac, on 27 April 1915, aged 20. Grave: Courtney's & Steele's cemetery.

Harold’s younger brother Wallace Roy Watkins (148) also enlisted in 1914, and returned to Australia in 1918.

Regardless of which day Harold died – he is today remembered.

Lest We Forget.

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