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Remembered Today:

To Those Who Have Fallen

Guest Kristin

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I was recently given a handwritten book of poems that my gr. gr. uncle's (or great grandma's boyfriend, there is some debate) best friend copied out and took to the front with him. He has included one entitled "To Those Who Have Fallen" but for whatever reason he did not copy it out completely... or that much at all.

What I have goes like this:

"Honour the dead! Those who have fought for us;"

Not much, I know. Googling it turned up nothing but perhaps one of you might know?

As for his notes on signalling, he wrote the following which I really do not know how to interpret but might be of use to someone:



1/C Signals


KL42 30 AAA

messages cannot be"

Thank you all for whatever help you might be able to provide in advance. :)


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