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Biographies of British Soldiers


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Below is a list I discovered when googling.

It comes from the University of Birmingham- Centre for First War Studies:

Biographies of British Soldiers

Allenby, Field-Marshal Viscount

How Jerusalem Was Won. Being the Record of Allenby’s Campaign in Palestine (London: Constable, 1919)

Allenby’s Final Triumph by W.T. Massey (London: Constable, 1920)

Allenby of Armageddon. A Record of the Career and Campaigns of Field-Marshal Viscount Allenby by Raymond Savage (London: Hodder & Stoughton, 1925)

Allenby: A Study in Greatness by A P Wavell (London: Harrap, 1940)

Allenby in Egypt by A P Wavell (London: Harrap, 1943)

Allenby by Brian Gardner (London: Cassell, 1965)

Imperial Warrior. The Life and Times of Field Marshal Viscount Allenby 1861–1936 by Lawrence James (London: Weidenfeld & Nicolson, 1993)

Asquith, Brigadier-General Arthur Melland

Command in the Royal Naval Division. A Military Biography of Brigadier General A M Asquith DSO by Christopher Page (Staplehurst: Spellmount, 1999)

Barter, Major-General Sir Charles St Leger

‘The Dismissal of Major-General Barter’, by Colonel Terry Cave, Stand To! The Journal of the Western Front Association, 34 (Spring 1992), pp ??

Blamey, Field-Marshal Sir Thomas Albert

Blamey: The Biography of Field-Marshal Sir Thomas Blamey by John Aikman Hetherington (Melbourne: F W Cheshire, 1954)

Controversial Soldier: A Biography of Field-Marshal Sir Thomas Blamey by John Aikman Hetherington (Canberra: Australian War Memorial and the Australian Government Publishing Service, 1973)

Bradford, Brigadier-General Roland Boys

Brigadier-General R B Bradford VC MC and His Brothers

Burnett-Stuart, General Sir John Theodosius

To Change an Army: General Sir John Burnett-Stuart and British Armored Doctrine, 1927–38 by Harold Winton (London: Brassey’s, 1988)

Byng, Field-Marshal Viscount

‘Byng of Vimy: An Appreciation’, Army Quarterly, LXXI (October 1935), pp. 11–16 by Lieutenant-General Sir Louis Vaughan

Byng of Vimy, General and Governor-General by Jeffery Williams (London: Leo Cooper/Secker & Warburg, 1983)

Campbell, General Sir David Graham Muschet

‘Divisional Commander in France: General Sir David Campbell GCB’, by Donald Cook, Army Quarterly and Defence Journal, 118 (2) (April 1988), pp. ??

Congreve, General Sir Walter Norris

The Congreves, Father and Son. General Sir Walter Norris Congreve, VC, Bt Major William LaTouche Congreve, VC by Lieutenant-Colonel L H Thornton and Pamela Fraser (London: John Murray, 1930)

Croft, Brigadier-General Henry Page

Rebel on the Right: Henry Page Croft and the Crisis of British Conservatism 1903–1914 by Larry Witherell (London: Associated University Presses, 1997)

Currie, General Sir Arthur William

Arthur Currie by Hugh M. Urquhart (Toronto: J M Dent, 1950)

Sir Arthur Currie: A Biography by Daniel G. Dancocks (Ontario: Methuen, 1985)

General Sir Arthur Currie by A.M.J. Hyatt (Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 1987)

‘Currie and 1st Canadian Division at Second Ypres, April 1915: Controversy, Criticism and Official History’, by T H E Travers, Canadian Military History, 5 (2) (Autumn 1996), pp ??

Elliott, Brigadier-General Harold Edward

Pompey Elliott by Ross McMullin (Melbourne: Scribe Publications, 2002)

French, Field-Marshal John Denton Pinkstone

Sir John French by Cecil Chisholm (London: Herbert Jenkins, 1915)

Field-Marshal Sir John French by Walter Jerrold (London: W A Hammond, nd)

The Life of Field-Marshal Sir John French by Major the Hon Gerald French (London: Cassell, 1931)

French Replies to Haig by Major the Hon Gerald French (London: Hutchinson, 1936)

The Little Field-Marshal, Sir John French by Richard Holmes (London: Cape, 1981)

The Tragedy of Sir John French by George H Cassar (London: Associated University Presses, 1985)

The Judgement of History: Sir Horace Smith-Dorrien, Lord French and 1914 by Ian F.W. Beckett (London: Tom Donovan, 1993)

Freyberg, General Lord

General Lord Freyberg VC by Peter Singleton-Gates (London: Michael Joseph, 1963)

Bernard Freyberg VC by Paul Freyberg (London: Hodder & Stoughton, 1991)

Gellibrand, Major-General John

The Paladin. A Life of Major-General Sir John Gellibrand by Peter Sadler (2000)

Gough, General Sir Hubert de la Poer

Goughie. The Life of General Sir Hubert Gough by Anthony Heritage Farrar-Hockley (London: Hart-Davis, MacGibbon, 1975)

‘Hubert Gough, Neill Malcolm and Command on the Western Front’, in Brian Bon et al (eds), ‘Look to You Front’: Studies in the First World War (Steplehurst: Spellmount, 1999), pp. 1-12 by Ian F.W. Beckett

‘An Army Commander on the Somme: Hubert Gough’, by Gary Sheffield, in Gary Sheffield & Dan Todman (eds), Command and Control on the Western Front: The British Army’s Experience 1914-1918 (Staplehurst: Spellmount, 2004), pp. 97-118

Gough, Major-General John Edmund

Johnnie Gough VC by Ian F.W. Beckett (London: Tom Donovan, 1989)

Grierson, General Sir James Moncrieff

The Life of Sir James Moncrieff Grierson by D S Macdiarmid (London: Constable, 1923)

Guggisberg, Brigadier-General Sir (Frederick) Gordon

Guggisberg by R E Wraith (London: Oxford University Press, 1967)

Beloved Imperialist: Sir Gordon Guggisberg by H B Goodall (Bishop Auckland: The Pentland Press, 1998)

Haig, Field-Marshal Earl

Earl Haig by Ernest Protheroe (London: Hutchinson, nd)

Lord Haig by Sir George Arthur (London: William Heinemann, 1928)

Sir Douglas Haig’s Command by G.A.B. Dewar & J.H. Boraston (1929)

Twenty-Five Years with Earl Haig by Sergeant T Secrett (London: Jarrods, 1929)

Field-Marshal Earl Haig by Brigadier-General John Charteris (London: Cassell, 1929)

Haig by Brigadier-General John Charteris (London: Duckworth, 1933)

Haig by A. Duff Cooper (2 v., London: Faber, 1935)

The Man I Knew by Countess Haig (Edinburgh & London: The Moray Press, 1936)

Haig, Master of the Field by Major-General Sir John Davidson (London: Peter Nevill, 1953)

Douglas Haig, The Educated Soldier by John Terraine (London: Hutchinson, 1963)

Douglas Haig as I Knew Him by Rev G S Duncan (London: George Allen & Unwin, 1966)

Haig as Military Commander by General Sir James Marshall-Cornwall (London: Batsford, 1973)

Douglas Haig by E.K.G. Sixsmith (London: Weidenfeld & Nicolson, 1976)

‘The Pre-War Life and Military Career of Douglas Haig’, Unpublished PhD Thesis, University of Edinburgh, 1983 by Gerard De Groot

Douglas Haig 1861–1928 by Gerard De Groot (Larkfield, Maidstone: Unwin Hyman, 1988)

Haig’s Command by Denis Winter (London: Viking, 1991)

Field-Marshal Earl Haig by Philip Warner (London: Bodley Head, 1991; Cassell, 2001)

Haig – A Reappraisal 70 Years On by Brian Bond & Nigel Cave (eds) (1999)

Harper, Lieutenant-General Sir (George) Montague

‘General Harper and the Failure of the 51st (Highland) Division at Cambrai, 20 November 1917’, by Bryn Hammond, Imperial War Museum Review, 10 (1995), pp. ??

‘“Uncle” Harper at Cambrai: A Reconstruction’, by John Hussey, British Army Review, 117 (December 1997), pp ??

Horne, General Lord

General The Lord Horne of Stirkoke GCB, KCMG, DCL, LLD, DL, Colonel Commandant, Royal Horse Artillery, Master Gunner St James’s Park, Colonel Highland Light Infantry by Lieut.-General Sir Herbert Uniacke and Lieut.-General Sir Hastings Anderson (Woolwich, The Royal Artillery Institution, n.d.)

‘Lord Horne as an Army Commande-r’, by Lieutenant-General Sir Hastings Anderson, Journal of the Royal Artillery, 56 (January 1930), pp 407–18

Howell, Brigadier-General Philip

Philip Howell, A Memoir by His Wife by Mrs Philip Howell (London: Allen & Unwin, 1942)

Ironside, General Sir William Edmund

With Ironside in North Russia by Andrew Soutar (London & Melbourne: Hutchinson, 1940)

General Ironside by James Eastwood (London: Pilot Press, [1940])

Jeffreys, Major-General Sir George Darrell

‘Fifteen Rounds a Minute’: The Grenadiers at War: Edited from the Diaries of Major ‘Ma’ Jeffreys and Others (London: Macmillan, 1976), edited by J.M. Craster

Kentish, Brigadier-General Reginald John

This Foul Thing Called War. The Life of Brigadier General R J Kentish by Basil Kentish (Lewes, Sussex: The Book Guild, 1997)

Kiggell, Lieutenant-General Sir Lancelot Edward

‘Kiggell’, by I.D.P. Thorne, Army Quarterly & Defence Journal, 119 (4) (October 1989), pp 439–41

‘Kiggell: A Second Opinion’, by John Hussey, Army Quarterly & Defence Journal, 124 (4) (October 1994), pp. 464–71

Legge, Lieutenant-General (James) Gordon

No Australian Need Apply: The Troubled Career of Lieutenant-General Gordon Legge by C.D. Coulthard-Clark (Sydney: Allen & Unwin, 1988)

Lovat, Brigadier-General Lord

Lord Lovat, 1871–1933: A Biography by Rt Hon Sir Francis Lindley (London: Hutchinson, nd)

Lukin, Major-General Sir Henry Timson

Ulundi to Delville Wood: The Life Story of Major-General Sir Henry Timson Lukin (Cape Town: Maskew Miller, n d) by R E Johnstone

Mackay, Brigadier-General Iven Giffard

Iven G. Mackay: Citizen and Soldier by Ivan Chapman (Melbourne: Melway Publishing, 1975)

Malcolm, Major-General Neill

‘Hubert Gough, Neill Malcolm and Command on the Western Front’, by Ian F.W. Beckett, in Brian Bon et al (eds), ‘Look to You Front’: Studies in the First World War (Steplehurst: Spellmount, 1999), pp. 1-12

Maude, General Sir (Frederick) Stanley

The Life of Sir Stanley Maude by Major-General Sir C.E. Callwell (1920)

Maxse, General Sir (Frederick) Ivor

Far From a Donkey: The Life of General Sir Ivor Maxse (London: Brassey’s, 1995) by John Baynes

McCay, James Whiteside

Sir James Whiteside McCay by Christopher Wray (Melbourne: Oxford University Press, 2002)

Milne, Field-Marshal Lord

Uncle George: Field-Marshal Lord Milne of Salonika and Rubislaw by Graham Nicol (London: Reedminster Publications, 1976) ISBN: 085945004X

Monash, General Sir John

John Monash by John Aikman Hetherington (Melbourne: Oxford University Press, 1962)

Sir John Monash by A.J. Smithers (London: Leo Cooper, 1963)

Sir John Monash by Bernard Callinan (Carlton, Vic.: Melbourne University Press, 1981)

John Monash: A Biography by A.G. Serle (Melbourne: Melbourne University Press, 1982)

Monash as Military Commander by P.A. Pedersen (Carlton, Vic.: Melbourne University Press, 1985)

Monro, General Sir Charles Carmichael

The Life of General Sir Charles Carmichael Monro by Sir George Barrow (London: Hutchinson, 1931)

Morland, General Sir Thomas Lethbridge Napier

‘General Sir Thomas Morland – The Forgotten Commander,’ by Louis Ackroyd, Stand To! The Journal of the Western Front Association, 65 (September 2002), pp. 46–49

Nugent, Oliver Stewart Wood

‘General Nugent and the Ulster Division in the March 1918 Retreat’, by Nicholas Perry, Imperial War Museum Review, 12 (1999), pp ??

Peyton, Lieutenant-General Sir William Eliot

‘The Second Ranker. Lt Gen Sir William Peyton’, by J.P. Lethbridge, Stand To! The Journal of the Western Front Association, 66 (January 2003), p. 57

Plumer, Field-Marshal Viscount

Plumer of Messines by C.H. Harington (London: John Murray, 1935)

Plumer. The Soldiers’ General. A Biography of Field-Marshal Viscount Plumer of Messines by Geoffrey Powell (London: Leo Cooper, 1990)

Rawlinson, General Lord

The Life of General Lord Rawlinson of Trent (London: Casell, 1928) by Major-General Sir Frederick Maurice

Command on the Western Front. The Military Career of Sir Henry Rawlinson by Robin Prior and Trevor Wilson (Oxford: Blackwell, 1992; Barnsley: Pen & Sword, 2004)

Robertson, Field-Marshal Sir William

Sir William Robertson: The Life Story of the Chief of the Imperial General Staff by G A Leask (London: Cassell, 1917)

Soldier True. The Life of Field-Marshal Sir William Robertson by Victor Bonham-Carter (London: Frederick Muller, 1963)

Field Marshal Sir William Robertson: Chief of the Imperial General Staff in the Great War by David R. Woodward (Westport, Ct. & London: Praeger, 1998)

Russell, Major-General Sir Andrew

‘Russell: Commander of Genius’, New Zealand Defence Quarterly, 23 (Summer 1998), pp ?? by Chris Pugsley

Salmond, Marshal of the Royal Air Force Sir John Maitland

Swifter than Eagles: The Biography of Marshal of the Royal Air Force Sir John Maitland Salmond by John Laffin (Edinburgh: William Blackwood, 1964)

Seely, Brigadier-General Sir John Edward Bernard [Viscount Mottisone]

Galloper Jack: A Grandson’s Search for a Forgotten Hero (London: Macmillan, 2003) by Brough Scott

Scrase Dickins, Major-General Spencer William

‘Famous Men of the Regiment. Major-General Spencer William Scrase Dickins CB’, by Alwyne Scrase Dickins, Journal of the Royal Highland Fusiliers, 2 (1) (Summer 2002), pp. 24–5

Smith-Dorrien, General Sir Horace Lockwood

Smith-Dorrien by C.R. Ballard (London: Constable, 1931)

The Man Who Disobeyed: Sir Horace Smith-Dorrien and his Enemies by A.J. Smithers (London: Leo Cooper, 1970)

The Judgement of History: Sir Horace Smith-Dorrien, Lord French and 1914 by Ian F.W. Beckett (London: Tom Donovan, 1993)

Spears, Major-General Sir Edward Louis

Under Two Flags. The Life of Major-General Sir Edward Spears by Max Egremont (London: Weidenfeld & Nicolson, 1997)

Sykes, Frederick Hugh

Sir Frederick Sykes and the Air Revolution, 1912–1918 by Eric Ash (London: Frank Cass, 1999)

Thorne, General Sir Augustus Francis Andrew Nicol

Forgotten General: A Life of Andrew Thorne by Donald Lindsay (Salisbury: Michael Russell, 1987)

‘The Forgotten Liberator: The 1939–45 Military Career of General Sir Andrew Thorne’, by Stephen Ashley Hart, Journal of the Society for Army Historical Research, 79 (319) (Autumn 2001), pp. 233-49

Trenchard, Marshal of the Royal Air Force Viscount

Trenchard: Man of Vision by Andrew Boyle (London: Collins, 1962)

Uniacke, Herbert Crofton Campbell

‘Command of Artillery: The Case of Herbert Uniacke’, by Sanders Marble, in Gary Sheffield & Dan Todman (eds), Command and Control on the Western Front: The British Army’s Experience 1914-1918 (Staplehurst; Spellmount, 2004), pp. 195-212

White, General Sir Cyril Brudenell Bingham

Two Men I Knew: William Bridges and Brudenell White, Founders of the AIF by C.E.W. Bean (Sydney: Angus & Robertson, 1957)

Wilson, Field-Marshal Sir Henry Hughes

Field-Marshal Sir Henry Wilson. His Life and Diaries by Major-General Sir C E Callwell (2v. London: Cassell, 1927)

Brasshat: A Biography of Field-Marshal Sir Henry Wilson by Basil Collier (London: Secker & Warburg, 1961)

The Lost Dictator: A Biography of Filed-Marshal Sir Henry Wilson by Bernard Ash (London: Cassell, 1968)

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