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1918 The Last Act


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Andrew, I started it... but did not finish. It is a reasonable summary of the last year of the war on the Western Front. As with most books written in English, it does not give enough information about the French contribution. As with most summaries, there are assumptions that do not bear careful scrutiny. Bearing these factors in mind, it is readable and will give you a satisfactory overview of this extraordinary year.

Robert, a fellow Kiwi living in a somewhat cooler climate :) . Merry Christmas.

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I kept the book on my shelf for years until I read it and then I wished I had read it a lot earlier.

It is well written and I learnt a lot from it, which is not saying very much, perhaps, but it gave a very good overview,.

Merry Christmas!


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I have that book (in French) and confirm it is a very good overview certainly es Robert said a little too focus on Brit & Am Sides.



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