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The meaning of numbers/letters/abbreviations on MIC

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Just helping a fellow worker at Corus with a few enquiries about his rellies MIC's, and trying to get a picture of their service.

No.445015 Pte. Arthur Moore Kynaston

of the Rifle Brigade and later 10/London Regt.

Bracketed to his medal entitlement are the following 'Retd(1743KR)7956/adt'

Could anyone give a meaning to this sequence of letters/numbers?

Also would there be any particular reason why he transferred to the 10/London Regt from the Rifle Brigade?

Was there a regular transfer between the two?

I ask this as there is another man who went the same way between the same regiments. I have seen this with the Lincs/Leics and the Lincs/Queen's and the Lincs/HLI or R Scots.



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The medal was returned for "adjustment" - usually to correct an error in the details stamped on the rim, under King's Regulations.

The number 445015 was issued to the 10th Londons. My guess is that he did not physically join the RB once in France. He may have arrived as such - possibly having been enlisted into and trained with the RB - but been posted to the 10th Bn on arrival.

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