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POW Rohrbach

Raster Scanning

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Can anyone give any info on this item that is carved out of soft chalk.

It stands about 6 inches high and has the following inscription. Fargo Hospital 1919.

Underneath " Prisoner of War in Rohrbach. Collin J Pierre. Loraine Franse" (sic).

I can find no mention of a Collin J Pierre in the Medal Rolls.

Any ideas?



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Can't help directly with your man, but there were military units at Fargo Plantation on the Salisbury Plain during WW1, and a 1200 bed hospital was built there in 1915. It was just outside the main Larkhill Garrison heading towards Shrewton on the left hand side of the road. This may be a long shot of course, but the Plain is noted for its chalky ground.

Terry Reeves

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Tom, Clive Terry, thanks one and all.

looks like I was checking for the wrong name in the medal rolls. I will try again some day.

Terry your theory seems more than likely.


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