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Tim Bowler

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Hi there,

I'm pretty new to this forum and I wondered if anybody could help me with this query.

I've trying to find out some more information about my grandfather Horace M Spinney, who served as a driver in 2nd London Field Ambulance TF, which in 1914 became part of 1st London Division.

I know he joined the TF before the outbreak of war - possibly in 1913. Does anybody know whether there would be pre-war unit records that I could consult that might list him and his comrades?

I can see the officers for 2nd London Field Ambulance in the 1914 Army Lists, but was wondering whether there might anything for other ranks.

I've tried WO 363 and 364 and drawn blanks, and am going through the FA's war diary as well.

Thanks to everybody who posts on this site -- it's a wonderful place to post



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