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I have been trying to research valiantly the following NCO with limited success, and was wandering do I give up now and admit defeat or keep plugging on.

7033 C. SJT. J Higgins. Leinsters

All I have to show for my efforts are his MIC ( Kindly Provided by pal Aliecoco) which gives me his christian name as James.

Dont know his D.O.B. and for Census checks here in Ireland you need to know what town/city he came from to have any idea.

Place of birth is another unsolved problem.

Went to the PRO last week (my maiden trip, WOW!!) and guess what , his service records did`nt survive.

Absent Voter lists cannot be found in Ireland and no sign of him on the CWGC, so he survived.

Pals , what do I do? Dont want to admit defeat , but......


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