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Is it possible to research a persons service in the national or Special reserve and if so where would I look. My grandfather was in the reserves after his service in India. When he was called back to the colours he went to one of the coastal batteries and from there to 7th Siege Bty RGA on the 4th Oct 1914.


Terry B)

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The Royal Artillery Special Reserve units were all disbanded in 1908/9 and their duties were passed to Territorial units. The only exceptions were the batteries in Antrim and Cork which were retained as there was no TA in Ireland. This should be some help in placing him if his service is after that date

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It doesn't help. I don't know when he enlisted, When he married in 1914 he was not in the Army. He had prior service with Artillery in India, He was 16 in 1901 So when would he have joined the army and for how long?

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