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SDGW - Urgent request for extract

Stephen Nulty

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Could any pal with access to SDGW help with me a problem, please?

Basically, I need an extract containigndetails of men who either resided in or were born in Warrington and who died in or just after the Great War. I need as much information as can be extracted.

The crunch is that I need it by 5.00 pm today!!

I have been collating information based on the panels of Warrington's main war memorial and this has been ongoing for a few weeks, finding entries on CWGC and cross referencing against census records. I am doing this as part of an activity that I will be undertaking when I go away later for a school residential trip with my wife's class of 8/9 year olds, culminating in a Remembrance assembly on Friday morning.

But then last night my computer, which struggles at the best of times, crashed big-style and is now a distant memory. All my work has been lost!

So if anybody can provide this within the next few hours, that will give me some time to rebuild what I had been doing and you will have earned my eternal gratitude.



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Now sorted, many thanks to Kath Atkin for her invaluable help in this.

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