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Can someone look up Roland Breward for me in SDGW?

I'm a little lost trying to find any information. I'm relatively new at this. I tried looking him up via MIC (several ways) whithout success, which I assume means he never served overseas. I have his CWGC information, but need help deciphering it, too! I'm not sure how Roland Breward died, but it appears he was in the reserves. Perhaps accident or illness? The sad thing is at the time I visited the church, I didn't know he was buried there. I remember finding his name on a memorial listing all the town's war casualties...

From CWGC:

Rowland Breward

Rank: Driver

Service: T4/061756 Is this his regimental number? What does T4 mean?

Date of Death: 28/03/1915

Age: 32

Regiment: Army Service Corps

Nationality: United Kingdom

Grave: N-W of Church

Cemetery: Chebsey (All Saints) Churchyard

Unit Text: 1st Reserve H.T. Depot what does H.T. Depot mean?

Son of Charles and Martha Jane Breward B. at Chebsey


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Born Chesbsey, Staffs

Enlisted Stoke-on-Trent

Residence Ecclesball

(Above are spellings on SD)

Died 28/03/1915 at Home. The "died" would lead to an inference of accident/illness/natural causes etc

the T4/ number is his service number, I think there's a list either on the main site or the forum that shows what it means (think it refers to being in transport)

H.T. Depot=Horse Transport Depot.


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Thank you! The misspellings are interesting, probably makes researching hard if a name is misspelled. Though Chebsy and Eccelshall aren't easy to spell in the first place!

Guess I'll never figure him out entirely, but now I can stop wondering. My poor great aunt. I have her engagement ring. She never married.

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