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Captain Massey

maryann laxton

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In 2004, you helped me towards identifying a photograph of my relative in uniform wearing a fez. After a lot of searching I found out that he had joined the Ist Bahawalpur Infantry some time after 1919[hence the fez he was wearing !].

I am now working backwards and have a bit of information about him whilst he was attached to the 1st Garrison Battalion of the Somerset Light Infantry in India [1919] as he is mentioned re: Amristar. I am led to believe he may have been dismissed from the army.

Myn information is that he joined the Hampshires in 1915 in the rank of Captain and that he served in the Western Front with the 2nd Battalion [3rd Ypres?]

I can't seen to find a WW1 medal card that links up the information above. The only J.W.Massey in the Hampshires [Regimental number 11887] is listed as a Private. Date of entry 29.8.15

If a soldier was dismissed from service would this affect the rank he was listed as?


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In the London Gazette there is this entry:

LG 26-2-1917




Hamps. R.—Capt. J. W. Massey is secd, for duty with a Garr. Bn. 18th Jan. 1917.


Proof of a J W Massey, Captain in the Hampshires in the UK at least.


LG 2-2-1917

Som. L.I.

Capt. J. W. Massey (Hamps. R., Spec. Res.) is apptd. to a Bn. 18 Jan. 1917, but with seniority from 16 Oct. 1915.


Any help?


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Steve, I had looked and looked in the London Gazette, but without Broadband it takes ages to load each page and I must admit I gave up pretty quickly.

Yes this is proof that he was ranking as Captain and fits with my information that he sailed to India in February 1917 with the 1st Garrison Battalion, Somerset L.I.

Thanks Steve this definately does help as it at least proves he was ranking as Captain - which I was beginning to doubt!


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