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9th BlackWatch/10th Sco Rifles - 25th of Aug 1917


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On the 25th of August 1917 the 9th Black Watch did an unsuccesful attempt to capture Gallipoli, whilst the 10th Scottish Rifles attacked Iberian farm.

Does anyone has some more information about this actions? Especially the starting hour, but also any other relevant information is most wellcome (casualties (photo's of?), war diary,...)



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Hi Erwin

I don't have anything on the Black Watch but I do have the Scottish Rifles history but it's not very detailed (unusually).

The entry for the period goes thus:-

"Much below strength on the 31st of July and since then further depleted, the 10th Battalion received a draft of 4 young officers and 227 other ranks just in time to post them to companies before moving back into the line to support attacks to be resumed on the 22nd of August.

The plan was to capture the immensely strong concrete pill-boxes built into the ruined farm buildings known as Beck House, Iberian Farm and Gallipoli Farm. These structures could withstand a direct hit by a 6 inch shell. In the event the British barrages quite failed to subdue the enemy fire and the 45th and 44th Brigades which made the attack, being further impeded by the mud, sustained crippling casualties. A further attempt by the 44th Brigade to take Gallipoli Farm on the 25th of August was also a complete failure.

The 10th Battalion, occupying the British front line, provided supporting fire during the attacks of the 22nd and 25th of August. A patrol from the battalion found Iberian Farm still strongly held on the night of the 25th/26th of August

Yet a further attack on Gallipoli Farm by the 10/11th Highland Light Infantry on the 27th of August resulting in further casualties, the Germans being left in possesion of their observation, The 15th Division then returned to Arras"

Hope this helps


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Passchendaele Day by Day account gives very little detail. 9th BW attacked Gallipoli on 23rd August, advanced their line 80 yards but attack was unsuccessful.

25th August attack was equally unsuccessful but they got another 170 yards.

SNWM lists 10 killed for 23rd and 15 for 25th for BW.

relevant page from 15th Div History attached.




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The 9th were to attack at 1.30.a.m. on the 23rd.

100 yards was gained before the attack was halted.

The attack restarted at 11.p.m. on the 25th


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