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Soldiers Died in the Great War 1914-19


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Does anyone have access to "Soldiers Died in the Great War 1914-19"? and if so would they mind looking up the following for me.

Lance Corporal David Duncan Page S/16536

Black Watch 9th Bn.

KIA 28/03/18 Arras

I have checked the CWGC but understand the above contains additional information.

I would be grateful for any help you can give to enable me to continue my family research.


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Additional Information

Born- Leith,Midlothian

Enlisted - Woolwich

Regards Doug.

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The Scottish National War Memorial


has the following on him:

Surname PAGE

Firstname David Duncan

Service number S/16536

Date of death 28/03/1918


Place of birth Leith

Other 9th Bn.


Rank L/Cpl

Theatre of death F.& F.



PS Same battalion as my great-uncle (below) by the way...

Have you checked out his medal index card, and determined when he went to France? I know that there are photos available of the platoons of the original July 1915 men.

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We have a Forum Member(9th Black Watch) who as his Name suggests takes a particular interest in that Battalion.

It might be worth PM'ing him from the Members Header at the top of the Web-Page as he may have supplementary information on your Relative.

Another option is to retitle your your Headline information with your Relatives Name and Regiment as there are a few Forum Members with a particular interest in the Black Watch and they will be unable to resist a look if they see the Regiment mentioned :D


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Whereas I'll look at everything! :lol:


PS (again) I see your relative enlisted in Woolwich. Mine enlisted in London, too, though he lived in Peterborough and wasn't at all Scottish...

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Thanks for your help.

I have learnt more in the last few minutes than I have discovered by myself in the last few months.

Steve, I have the MIC at home so I shall check out the date he went to France tonight. From what I remember he had been there a few years (wounded twice in 1917). Haven't got any pictures of my Great Grandfather, although I am still searching.


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