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Deciphering Medal Cards


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post-8375-1129207761.jpgI am a new member, and have a question about deciphering codes on medal cards. I have obtained a copy of my wifes grandfathers medal card from National Archives.

On the card under the column entitled Cause of Discharge is the following :-


Anyone know what this means?

The regiment is shown as 1st Manchester Regt.

Date of Enlistement:- 27-6-19

Date of Discharge:- 15-10-19.

I believe he originally enlisted at the age of 16 into the Sherwood Forresters, and served in the Boer War and the Boxer Revolution. Presumably the closeness of the dates above meant that he was transferred?

JPEG copy attached

Any help or advice will be very much appreciated.

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"No longer fit for Military Service due to wounds or sickness"

a Breakdown of the KR[King's Regulations] governing the War Badge causes of issue is included in the Long Long Trail,~Grandads War~Details from Index Cards,War Badge.@ the head of the forum ;)

From the short span of his service it would seem that he was probably not of the required fitness more or less from the start,his age may well have contributed to this,&/or his previous service.

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