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T E Lawrence - 70th anniversary of death


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As you are interested in Gallipoli ...

Do you know the tiny, tiny, tiny link between Lawrence and Gallipoli ??

At the time he was based in Egypt and was (amongst others I presume) responsible for the printing of the "new" maps for the August offensive. As this was top secret and not to give away the REAL thing (Suvla) an equal number of maps of ALL sectors was produced, including Asia. As nobody told the pour guy that there were some priorities he took the initiative to print Asia first. Everything was behind schedule so therefore a number of officers had maps of "Asia" when they landed in Suvla.

am I right, Brigadier Bill ??


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Guest British Sapper

I happen to think that TE Lawrence was one of the greatest Englishmen to have ever lived. Apart from being a soldier and a scholar, I happen to think he was the forerunner of the SAS. Lawrence was doing better and before Stirling.

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