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Gerald Tomlin.


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Rather a long shot, but in the 1950's when my Great uncle died, I found a very good pencil drawing in an old book of his, and as a keen amateur atrist I kept it.

The drawing is about A4 size and titled "Hoping" and shows a mother reading a letter from her son, who is in the top right hand corner in uniform, with rifle on shoulder, gazing down at his mother.From the content it must be contemporary with the war.

It is signed Gerald Tomlin.

I know nothing more about the artist, and would love someone to tell me something about him if possible please.

He could of course just be an ordinary soldier who had a talent for drawing.

Thankyou Sheila.

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There is a medal index card at the National Archive for 13161, Private Gerald D Tomlin, Devonshire Regiment. Could this be your relative?

Terry Reeves

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Thankyou Terry,

It sounds like Gerald was a friend of my Grandfathers,William Wynn ,15499,

Private , Devon Reg.

Thankyou for that, as it is a good place to start for info. on this very skilled artist.

Kind regards

Sheila. :):)

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There’s a Gerald Douglas Tomlin, birth registered Q1/1897, Portsea Island, Hampshire

Son of John E Tomlin (b. 1861), a Stationery Good Worker, and Kate E Tomlin (b. 1861), brother of Cyril, Bertram, Florence, Gordon and Mabel.

1901 census, living at 1 Hamlock Road, South Wimbledon, Surrey.

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Thankyou Stephen,

Looks like it could very easily be the same person, so thankyou for that.My Grandfather was from Lancashire, and never mentioned any of his wartime friends...too painful.

At least now i can add the details to the drawing which I have framed, on the wall over my computer.

Kind regards Sheila. :)

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