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Long Long Trail - risque postcard


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I have found a postcard sent home by a soldier. I believe I saw a discussion on the artist Xavier Sager a long while back, but couldn't find anything in the search.

I've checked my postcard books - Xavier Sager clearly signed his name. This one is unsigned and marked British Manufacture on the back. It seems to me that it is the work of an artist in the style of Sager.

Any ideas about the postcard artist?

The soldier has marked his comment on the back - you can see it in my attached scan.


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Rodents have fun too.

Indeed they do, Squirrel. One of your mob dug up one of my newly planted daffodil bulbs last night. Must be desperate.

Robbie :huh:

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When I saw that Robbie had posted on this thread I wondered if it was yet another pic from the pals tour earlier this year.

ooooo..you'll keep martin, until next pal trip perhaps.

Robbie :lol:

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  • 1 month later...

Only joking!!!!!!!!!!

I've not been on one, although I'd love to, from what I've heard it's a Pal's tour of the trenches/landmarks in France/Belgium.

Kind regards

Soren :)

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