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RFA 285 "A" Battery Thomas Tims 11316


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My Father's details in "The Small-Book" dated 9.2.15 are very brief. In addition to Thomas Tims 11316 285 "A" Battery RFA, it is recorded that he enlisted at Worcester on 5th September 1914 'for the duration of the war'! this was signed by the Company Commander on 9th February 1915. Like most 'old sweats' he only briefly described his war experiences, and I will always regret having only these very scant details. For many years I have been trying to compile a 'route map' of his time in Belgium and France. I always come back to the question, Which Army, Division. Corps etc, was he allocated to in 1915, I have searched for 285 Battery - in the early months of 1915, without success. Dad was a wheelwright and the impression we obtained was that he remained with the Battery throughout. In the Birmingham 'Absent Voters List' 1919 he is quoted as Wheeler Thomas Tims, attached to the 20th Division Ammunition Column. I have recently returned from a trip to see an uncle's grave on the Somme. Throughout the trip there were places that my father mentioned. I do know that he was at Ypres, as some forty years ago he went on a brief trip to Ypres, Poperhinge etc. Where do I go from here? War diaries have been mentioned, if only I could identify the unit/ Corps/Division/Army.etc.

Any assistance will be gratefully received,


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285 Brigade RFA (CCLXXXV, I hate Roman Numerals for these Brigades!) were part of 57th Division from 1915.


It was originally called the 2nd West Lancashire Division.

They went to France in 1917, so if he went earlier (e.g. has a 1915 Star) then he would have probably gone overseas with a different division (perhaps the 20th?)


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  • 12 years later...

Hi not sure if you are still active on this site however my great grandad was in the 285th and a battery of the RFA and I have quite a few details of his movements throughout ww1, also there was mention he was based in Dublin for a time in 1916 but I can'

T find any record of this. I also 'm wondered if there were any photos of the regiment? 



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Hi Kev,


Welcome to the Forum.


Your post does not make it clear if you are referring to Thomas Tims (the subject of this thread) or a different person who served in A/285 at some point during the war. If it is a different person then more detail is required like full name, regimental number and some of the movements you have mentioned. If you are lucky there may be group photos of the battery or a section of it, but quite a lot of such photos have no description attached to help identification. Also, would you be able to recognize your great grandfather?


The original poster, Wincer, was last active on this site on October 11th so may pick up your query. 

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returning to the original post ..285th Battery was I believe in 91st Brigade - indeed in 20th Division. From January [?] 1915 these batteries were renamed as A, B, C .. and a new D Bty added: I believe 285th Bty became C/91st Brigade; but in that reorganisation some men may have joined other units. He could well have landed up in  91st Brigade Ammunition Column, for example, and later in the 20th Divisional Ammunition Column. So look at 91st brigade war diary http://discovery.nationalarchives.gov.uk/details/r/C7353078


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