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Replacement medal naming

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Looking at replacement medals for lost ones belonging to family members, since having been able to confirm the correct numbers; rank and Regt.

Several leads on the forum on who is best in supplying and quality, but nothing on quality of naming medals.

I have contacted some of the named dealers, who say that they have a diamond cutter, like the MOD use now to name medals and some say they engrave the rim.

I obviously want the naming to look like it would have been when issued and if paying a lot of money on replacements want it to look right.

Has anyone got advise on who can do such naming on the medal rim as the originals would look.



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If the medals are just for display then is there really a need to name them ? It wont make them worth any more to you (and cost you money) and will only create work for someone who renames medals - which is a bad thing as it can lead to fraud - whether it is meant to or not... :angry:


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Appreciate your comment on fraud, from reading many of the threads on the forum. However, after spending much time and effort in finding out relatives service details like number and Regt, I see it as a final missing piece of the family puzzle and warrant addition to a replacement medal.

As far as I am told that replacement medals have an 'R' included on them to identify them as replacements.

Cost is not an issue if they will finally remain in the family safe for future generations.

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