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German official photos

Mat McLachlan

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Hi all,

Malte's outstanding collection of photos prompted me to mention that the Australian War Memorial has a fantastic collection of German official war photos that it aquired after the war. Some of them have been seen elsewhere, but many of them seem rare.

At last count there were more than 200 shots from this collection available to view online. Follow this link and type "bufa" (without the quote marks) into the search box.

Of particular interest are an incredible series of shots showing entrenched Germans using flamethrowers, minethrowers and anti-tank guns trying to fight off an advancing group of British tanks. I've attached an example below. The caption is "Western Front. October 1918. A German Army flame thrower crew using their weapon against advancing British Army tanks."

Hope the other pals find these shots as fascinating as I did.




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Here are some additional Great War websites from the CEF Study Group:

Great War Photographic and Mapping Websites - Part 10

Note: CEF Study Group member websites denoted with asterisk "*"


Jack Turner’s War - Photographs

Website provides about 200 original photographs from the Great War. Text is a little weak, however, many photographs will not be seen elsewhere


Autochromes de la guerre 1914-1918

Website [in French] with photographs from the Great War


The National Film Board WW1 Film Project

The NFB continue a program to digitize Canadian films from WW1. The only downside is having to use my least favourite media player, RealPlayer. However, the images have a haunting impact on the viewer.


Great War in a Different Light

Accounts and Galleries from Great War Books and Magazines with more than 6000 Authentic Period Photos, Illustrations and News articles.


Imperial War Museum - Trench Map and Trench Map CD

This selection of 175 large-scale (1:10,000 or approximately 6-inches to 1 mile) trench maps has been made from the collection of the Imperial War Museum, enabling us to provide almost complete coverage of the British section of the Western Front in the 1914-18 war, from the North Sea at Nieuport in Belgium southwards to St. Quentin. They form a most useful database for historians, GCSE and A-level students, battlefield tours, family history researchers, etc., and everyone interested in the First World War.


Trenches on the Web - Map Room

Twenty-five general maps of the Great War.


Western Front Association Website

Aerial photographs and trench maps of Ypres and Poperinghe area from 4th Field Survey Battalion BEF, Maps Section, RE,. Posted in March 2005


Western Front Association Website - Map Room May 2005

A good assortment of maps [approximately 40] from the Western Front.


The Geography of the Great War - Frank M. McMurray, Ph.D., New York, The MacMillan Co. 1919

An interesting presentation of the original book in digital form. It is a large document and loads slowly, however, it presents the geography of the Great War from a 1919 perspective.


World War I Maps - US Military Academy

The Department of History at the United States Military Academy began developing a series of campaign atlases to aid in teaching cadets a course entitled, "History of the Military Art."


Paths of Glory Website - Trench Map Section April 2005

This website is part of Croonaert Research and contains a wide range of information and research services primarily for the BEF researcher. However, there is a simple and clear presentation on the type of BEF mapping and trench maps from 1914 until 1918. Croonaert is a regular contributor on the Great War Forum.


Australian War Memorial - Gallipoli Mapping May 2005

This high quality website contains landing maps, cemetery maps, Turkish maps and Trench maps. The presentation techniques are highly innovative and should be viewed. Quality of this website is exceptional - all other government websites should look at the techniques used on this site. Highly recommended.


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