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Missing death certificate.


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I was wondering if any of you family history experts out there would be able to help. I am researching a John Cyril Sharpe, born in Worcester on the 13th March 1895. He served in the Royal Fusiliers and was wounded twice in France, before becoming a 2nd Lieutenant in the Worcestershire Regiment. I managed to get in touch with a remaining relation who said that after the war he moved to Cornwall and became the Town Clerk for Truro before settling with his wife Maude in Mere, Wiltshire. He died three years after his wife in on the 20th December 1952 aged 57.

The big, however!, though, is that I ordered his death certificate, but got a letter saying there was no trace of one in England, at that date nor ten years either side of it!

I know it’s a long shot, but can anyone help with this one?

Incidentally, his brother, Gilbert Harry Sharpe, who had a similar WW1 career, became a Parson and lived at the Vicarage at Lindridge, Worcestershire and is buried in Malvern.

Cheers for the help.


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A quick search on 1837.com shows 1 John C Sharpe dieing in Oct-Dec 1957. BUT he was 67 not 57 (poss typo?) but was in Maidstone. Was it possible that he died away from home?

Your chap is in the middle. to order the death cert, you need to quote the name, quarter of the year (Oct-Dec), volume number and page (that's the numbers to the right).... see below.


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Looked possible, but would mean a birth date of 1890 not 1895.

Odd how there's no death certicicate cause she was so accurate and sure of all her other info.

Cheers for looking anyway.


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Have you tried looking under Sharp, I have found two instances in GRO records where my relatives surnames have been mispelt. Worth a try. Have you contacted the local record office in the area he died? I had to do this with one of mine, however their reference numbers are different from the main GRO references.



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Could this be a case of less is more in supplying the particulars for the search?

Perhaps the spelling is wrong, as Christina says, or his middle name was not on the death certificate or as Les says there is a typo error on the age in the index.

I notice that Les has given the death year as 1957 in his post.

I have been told that there was no death certificate for a person because I had supplied a middle name which was not on the cert. and also because I had specified a wife's name which was not written out fully on the certificate.

Obviously there may be quite a few John Sharpes or John Sharps.

A certificate will not be sent if you have specified something (like a middle name or partner's full name which is not on the certificate). Nor will they necessarily inform you that there is a John Sharp without the C. etc. in the same quarter.

As you have such a definite date of death Oct./Dec.1952, it shouldn't be so difficult to locate with a less detailed specification.


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