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George Frederick Bush


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Can anyone give me some information re George Henry Bush. A section of his family stone in Ilford is here. Would burial at sea indicate Naval connections or are there other circumstances where a person would be buried at sea? Any info appreciated. Regards Steve.

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Bob. Thanks for your reply. Checking the info re Chatby cemetery in Alexandria it mentions many servicemen died on troop ships and ships bringing in supplies etc after being sunk in the Med. However there is no mention of my man in the CWGC lists. Would a SDGW look up be more likely to find him although I have no info on him but would assume with the date and location that it would have some military connection somewhere. If anyone can look him up or find any info on him it would be much appreciated. Regards Steve.

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have done an SDGW, but your chap does not show up despite numerous permutations. Perhaps either an assumed name or was he a civilian

All The Best


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