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"Luiz Farm"

Guest birdflightless

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Guest birdflightless

Hi All,

Below is an extract from a personal diary of Pte. Walter Pfeffer, 11th M.G. Coy.

His gun team were in reserve on 1st/2nd October 1917

"At about eight in the morning reinforcements were being sent up and the officer in charge of our two gun teams went into Headquarters and asked the General what was going to happen to us. Of course the General gave him the order to proceed up to the line and take up positions.

We got packed up and started but what a journey. The ground in this part was one mass of shell holes and there were duckboards running up to the line. Well we got on to “B” track and Jerry must have had that in line for he did shell us. When we reached what was known as “Military Bridge” we ran into the barrage proper and we had a couple of our chaps wounded. Just at this time to make matters worse it started to rain so we took cover for a while behind a pillbox. We moved from block-house to block-house until we reached one called “Luiz” Farm. The officer gave “Halt” and started to look for positions. Whilst he was away, Jerry opened out and counter attacked.

The infantry were only a hundred yards in front so we shouted to them to keep low, but they could not hear us.......".

Can some one tell me where "Luiz Farm" was situated please, and the events of those couple of days.

Walter survived the war, but his diary ends here, although whilst serving in India after the war he continues a diary.



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