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Benjamin Maguire, South Lancashire Regiment


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hello ,

For years my dad has known that his great grandfather died in a war we now believe it was the first world war .

we cant really find out much info on him, his not in the commenwealth war memorial online listing and my reseach has gone a bit cold were trying to find out what happened to him

could anyone see if they could find anything on him that could give us a lead

thank you in advance for any info or advice

some info we found

Personal info


Born : abt 1880

father : James Maguire

Mother :Hannah Maguire

wife: Elizabeth Maguire/Thomason

marraige : marriage, 1901 warrington, June

children : George Maguire 1901

Benjamin Maguire (died at 0)

this is the info from the A2A war medals list ,there were two enteries that we thought could be him

Benjamin Maguire

corps:south lancashire regiment

regiment no :71

rank: Private


Medal card of Maguire, B

Corps: South Lancashire Regiment

Regiment No: 71

Rank: Serjeant

The medal card says the 4th or 41st bt south lancashire regiment

It appears he got a TFE medal ,is this terratorial and if so could you be a searjant if youre in the teratorial part ?

Medal card of Maguire, B

Corps: King's Own Royal Lancaster Regiment

Regiment No: 3478

Rank: Private...

Theres also this man listed could it be him, could he have moved to the kings royal own south lancashire regiment ?

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Living in Warrington, enlistment in the SLR seems very likely.

If it is him, then his MIC can be downloaded for £3.50 at http://www.nationalarchives.gov.uk/documen...1&resultcount=2

I'd suggest this as a good starting point.

Benjamin seems to have been the second son of James and Hannah, also having a sister.

His birth was registered in the December quarter of 1879 in Warrington, Volume 8c, Page 178 for the certificate.

His marriage to Elizabeth Emma Thomason was registered in the June quarter of 1900 in Warrington, Volume 8c, Page 302.

The birth of their son Benjamin was registered in June quarter of 1907 and his death in September quarter, 1907.

In the 1901 census, Hannah is shown as widowed and Benjamin appears to have left home. I can’t find him on the census.

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hi thank you for youre reply and looking up some info for us most apreciate it thank you

ive got quite a bit of personal info but didnt know about the sister although have found her now along with some other brothers and its nice to know

i had some of the info but its difficult to be certain some times so thats reassures me im on the right track thank you

i've got the £3.50 medal card downloaded it yesterday he recieved a TFE medal it says he was in the 41 or 4 ?? bt south lancashire regiment

we know he died in the war or thats what my dad was told but we dont know much about it or whether this is the case or what happened to him its been a bit of a mystery

I cant find him on the commonwealth war graves site or any roll of honours ive seen bit stumped to finding out what happened

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Not on the CWGC? Maybe he joined using an alias in which case you're probably stumped! Or maybe Maguire is mis-spelt on the CWGC??

Tried Macguire? Or Mcguire? Or similar? Admittedly a long shot...


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we managed to find his medal card under b.maguire and benjamin so i think he probablay used his real name but it is a point i cant say for 100% .Ive tried a few variations cause people sometimes tend to spell it wrong but it didint come up with anything i'll try those you suggest aswell in case i missed them

thanks for youre reply

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