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The answer to your second question is no. When a soldier was commissioned, he was officially discharged. You will often find the phrase "discharged to commission" used. However, if his officers record survives, you are likely to find his original OR's service papers bundled in with that file, which will give you his regimental number from his time in the ranks.

Just as an aside, officers were given personal numbers, as they were known, on the 31 December 1929, to be used from Ist January 1930. The instructions from the War Office stated that they were ony to be used for official correspondence and not for personal mail.

Terry Reeves

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If by "listed" you mean appearing on the MIC Index then yes, providing he qualified for his campaign medals whilst as an Other Rank.


Medal card of Brinkworth, Edward John

Corps Regiment No Rank

26th Royal Fusiliers GS/20005 Private

Durham Light Infantry Second Lieutenant


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