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BAdge use?


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Canadians have the Maple leaf badge

Australians have the Rising Sun badge

If any of the above during WWI transfered to a British Regiment-would they have been able to keep their old Badges or would they have had to change? I've heard of Candaians who enlsited in a UK Regimental battalion wore the Mple Leaf.

True or false? :unsure:

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I would think that if they enlisted in a British unit thus becoming part of the British Army they would wear British badges, if however they were seconded ie they stayed in their own army but served with a British unit for any of a number of purposes such as instruction ,etc they would continue to wear their own badges and uniform.

Individuals may have hung on to badges for sentimental reasons but it would be unlikely to help you to settle in your new unit!


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I agree with Greg, there is no way come hell on earth under the Regimental system at that time would a man be allowed, on transfer, to wear the insignia of former unit, never mind another nation.

However in todays modern army you are allowed to wear the qualification badges of other nations or units i.e. members of the Parachute Regt wear qualification wings of other nations. Army personnel who pass the All Arms Commando Course can wear the dagger and so on.

When in the T.A., I transferred from the Light Infantry to R.E.M.E. and managed to get away with wearing my L.I. beret and badge for some months, before I was told to get it changed.


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Certainly in the modern system if you re-badge you loose all right to wear badges of your old regiment unless they are qualification badges such as wings, daggers or other recognised course qualification badges.

If you are seconded you can get away with your own regimental items, certainly in my old battalion we had RAPC and REME attached to us who wore our tartan and Glengarries.

But in answer to your question I think it is highly unlikely that a Canadian joining a UK battalion would be able to wear his Maple Leaf Cap badge or an Aussie his slouch hat.



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The general list Canadian badge was quickly replaced by battalion badges in the Canadian Expeditionary Force. The men of these battalions would wear a badge specific to thier unit, for example the 1st Battalion CEF badge. This is similar to a regimental badge and was not common throughout the Canadian Corps as would be the general list badge.

There would be no likelihood that a transferred soldier would wear the Canadian battalion insignia in the BEF.

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