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Two MIC's- Skilling+ Skillings

Ali Hollington

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Found one of my grandma's uncles, he had two MICs.

One to Allan G Skillings Pte 11824 1st R Fus.- has his 15 star and SWB and discharge details ( 392(xvi)28-06-18). It is also marked- see Skilling

Second to A G Skilling Pte GS/11824 R Fus- has his Victory and BWM entitlement. It is also marked- see Skillings.

I hope to get up to the NA soon and consult the medal rolls but any thought on his apparant change in number and the split of 15 star and SWB from Vic and BWM?

Could he have been wounded and discharged after 15 star was issued but before his pair was issued?



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Most likely that some one released the mistake with the "s" on the end and the corrective action meant 2 cards produced

Are the numbers not the same ? The GS I believe means General Service but not certain


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The number would not be "changed" - many of the Prefixes seemed to appear and disappear at will.

His first medal awarded - the 1914-15 Star would have been on his correct card (possibly a proper 1914-15 Card with the title "1914-15 Star" printed on it. When he got the SWB they obviously found the right card, but for his VM & BWM couldn't locate the card due to name &/or number discrepancy and produced a new card.

Details of VM & BWM were often printed in a stamp on the earlier cards.

It's not that uncommon to see VM/BWM & Star details split across 2 cards. The giveaway is usually on the 1914-15 Star card because it doesn't have his VM/BWM entitlement shown.


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Thank you both for your replies, the "first" MIC ie 15 star isn't of the 14-15 star type, on the line betwen victory and bwm reference it has an asterix which is repeated at the top of the page with "see Skillings" writen beside it. The opposite occur on the other card, asterix in 15 star box and see Skillings.

It just looks as if both cards have been written with knowledge of the other. Not the greatest of mysteries, but a little strange.

As to GS prefix, I believe it denotes a war time volunteer and it just seems to have been discarded on the one card.



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