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Death's Kingdom


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Rob All My Comrades??

Very Good Sketch Though Soren! ;)

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I have read it in contemporary accounts by Veterans,as well as allegorically in more modern books.I suppose as with any organisation there were "Bad Apples",who if it wasn't nailed down would have it!

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Was it a term used at the time I wonder?

It certainly was. It doesn't necessarily mean anything though - it's just a play on the initials ("Run Away, Mummy's Coming" was another for them) as has happened with rwegimental rivalry throughout history. For example, my own regiment, the Queen's Lancashire Regiment (QLR) was known to some as the "Queers, Lesbians and Rejects"! - a complete play on the initials - there was definately no lesbians in the QLR when I was in it!!!! :ph34r:

Dave. :D

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