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Wound Stripes

Guest scott leader

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Wound stripes were small straight bars worn on the lower left arm. The V shaped chevrons you seem to indicate are probably long service if worn on lower left arm.

I will try and dig out a picture to demonstrate the differences



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here you go an example together of wound stripe and good conduct stripes.




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The smaller [approx 2" wide] chevrons are Overseas Service Chevrons;[see attached picture],I believe they were as this one,in light Blue thread ,then a Red one for a specific aggregated period};

Wounded Stripe:

As well as the "Russian Lace" [ie Gold Bullion Thread] examples worn by the Officer {Uncle Douglas}@ the top of this Thread,A Brass Patented "Service Wounded Stripe No:4" was worn[see picture below] which represented the "Lace" version,but was undoubtedly more durable!

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