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badge identification please


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This badge appears to be made out of something like tin. It is 35mm in dia. On the reverse one can see that there was a pin attached at the top. It also has REG NO 379026 on it.

It came with a collection of little lapel badges of portraits of Boer War generals - and a few of Qn Vic, Edw VII, Disraeli etc etc.

I'd be grateful for any ideas.




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It looks like one of the many badges sold for "France" days,etc,to raise funds for the Allies Charities Etc;

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Why the 'mesh' ?!

Not sure,possibly if the "Flag" is paper/celluloid the mesh helped to protect the surface? {Unless the Mesh was meant to represent POWs??? Lateral thinking?}

These things were produced in their 1000's so I suspect they were made as cheaply as possible,perhaps the Meshing reduced the amount of Metal used,I suspect if the Registration Number was traced @ the Patents Officethe reason could be established ;)

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